The Young West European: The Fallacy of Resilience

West European civilisation is caught in the cross-fire between Slavic racism and the Islamic Diaspora. That is withering cross-fire. It is a fallacy that resilience can save the younger generations of Western Europe. One position must be overcome at whatever cost.

The term “Islamic Diaspora” has special meaning in context of Scottish history. America is driving this current “diaspora” unintentionally just as England did as a consequence of the Union of 1707. To secure oil supplies, America relies on regimes where very little allowance is made for social mobility (Saudi Arabia etc.) The consequent lack of mobility creates a diaspora. Development of this “diaspora” in the future can be compared with the Scottish one. When the British ruled the waves, the latter wave of colonialism (India etc.) was forced upon them as the “world power” to keep order. It will be very hard for America in the long term, assuming it remains the one superpower, to afford the non-colonial world it seeks to maintain. It is a good hunch America will eventually need to modify its opposition to some forms of colonialism. Hence the legacy of Iraq and Afghanistan will speak to it in the future.

In the meantime in Western Europe, generations caught in this cross-fire, must respond or be further withered in numbers. Cross-fire is a military term and serves to remind us this cost is not spread equally across generations. General proclamations that younger generations should expect lower living standards than their parents should be a wake-up call to the dangers now jointly faced by new generations of Western Europeans. As retreat is not an option, overcoming cross-fire is only possible if one source is ignored while the other source is over-run as quickly as possible. So which fire to attack?

The Islamic Diaspora being created in Western Europe is a consequence of American policy toward the world, the Middle East in particular. It is unlikely American’s radical opposition to any form of colonial government can be over-run or even speeded up. It requires the legacy of Iraq and Afghanistan to become self-evident. At the very least it requires the passage of time for what is desired to be seen. Namely that self-supporting “democratic” governments left behind after military withdrawals cannot survive the test of time. Until that proves to be false, America can maintain such an illusion such a possibility exists. Of course, remove the illusion and only two possibilities exist. Either never get involved (and hence abrogate the responsibility for maintaining world security for essential supplies such as oil) or accept some type of permanent foreign service abroad is required after a major military withdrawal (neo-colonialism). This maturation of American foreign policy may take several decades. The young generations of Western Europe do not have the time, caught in such cross-fire, to wait for America to stop governing in a manner which gives rise to wave after wave of Islamic refugees arriving in Europe.

So if the younger generations of West Europe wish to preserve West European civilisation, such cross-fire is overcome by over-running the other fire. That is Slavic racism. “West European civilisation” can be used to mean a host of things. However in the context of “anti-racism”, especially in relation to the Slavic races, it offers a much narrower definition. Behind the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union, their people were not subject to much, if any at all, socialisation with non-whites. In contrast West Europe post 1945 accepted large scale non-white immigration.

Rome was not built in a day. Whatever we chose to call “general tolerance and goodwill” to people irrespective of colour, Western Europe’s history post 1945 proves such “civilised” values take generations to root and hold. It is totally unrealistic and a sham to believe those peoples previously held behind an Iron Curtain, able to travel freely into Western Europe from 2004, will generally acquire such values by immersion. Logically it requires a similar cultural program directed by their governments at home, evoking a gradual change in attitude taking several generations. This logic also extends to such people as East Germans, previously also held behind The Iron Curtain.

Therefore the only solution to avoid the decimation of West European civilisation, caught in the cross-fire between Slavic racism and the Islamic Diaspora, is to ignore the growing Islamic Diaspora and tackle head-on Slavic racism. The solution is very simple and is also free from any type of religious fight. Simply shut the door to the East Europeans entering Western Europe and kick Germany out of West Europe. More simply put, form a new European Economic Community (E.E.C.) among the original members of the 1992 Single Market but without German membership. It is for Germany to take financial and cultural responsibility to educate the Slav nations in the values of racial tolerance, possibly taking them several generations. Even more importantly, let the Germans do business with the new European Economic Community (E.E.C.) in a much fairer manner. Once outside our new single European market, their manufactured goods will be subject to import tariffs as our new governments sees fit.

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